Money Talks Event

South Africa’s Money Talks 2023 Findings Launch



12:00 pm

Virtual event

The New Economy Hub invites you to the launch of South Africa’s Money Talks 2023 polling research findings. Money Talks unpicks the global conversation on investment in climate and development both in terms of the public and decision-makers. This launch presents the South Africa polling data and provides insights into the opinions and attitudes of South Africans on the following questions, among others:

  • Do South Africans support the government’s commitment to taking climate action?
  • Do South Africans support the government’s plans to direct public investment into “green industries and infrastructure?”
  • Where do South Africans stand on “polluter pay” policies to tax industries profiting from fossil fuels?
  • Where does climate action stand in South Africa’s elections agenda?
  • What should climate campaigners and policy-makers do to launch and land compelling and convincing messages that advance climate action in South Africa?