About Us

About us

The New Economy Hub partners with peoples campaigning to decarbonise South Africa and build an inclusive net-zero economy that delivers social security and economic justice.

The Hub provides flexible and movement-generous support to initiatives that are building movement power and advancing concrete development pathways for a clean and equitable energy future that underpins a new economy and just society in South Africa.

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We enable campaigners to build and amplify authentic social support for the concrete development pathways that deliver a new economy that is powered by an equitable energy system anchored in renewables, and leverage it to shape a just society.


Our vision is for a sustainable and climate-resilient economy in South Africa in which a just transition delivers direct and distributed social and economic benefits that mitigatr inequality, unemployment, and poverty including by enhancing the delivery of public goods and services.

We are building an ecosystem of actors to win us the new economy


We strengthen the capability of climate champions to build and grow movement power and take collective action that shapes the outcomes of transition debates and planning and decision-making processes to deliver a sustainable and equitable economy.

Charting pathways to a new economy

We equip climate champions to build technical and community-owned knowledge to chart the concrete development pathways that can lead South Africa to a new and sustainable economy capable of delivering social and economic justice.

Amplifying voice
and impact

We enable climate champions to launch and land new narratives and compelling campaigns that build shared understandings and mobilise authentic support for the adoption of policies, initiatives, and investments that deliver a just transition in South Africa.


We are grateful for the support of our funders which include: